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tempahan kueh raya

Halal Policy

We at kuih-raya.com have a halal policy.
All sellers/advertisers please take note that
only foods which are halal are allowed to be advertised here or sell through here.
Non-halal foods are strictly not allowed to be advertised here or sell through here.

The following applies to non-muslims
who want to advertise/sell kuih raya through here:

Regarding non-muslim kuih raya sellers: non-muslim kuih raya sellers can only advertise halal kuih raya foods to sell through here provided and only if they have a valid, non-expired, halal certificate only from the recognised authorised Halal Certification Authorities. The Halal Certificate produced is acceptable only if it is relevant for the exact food that they want to sell/advertise here.

Halal Certification Authorities of Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei

Singapore MUIS Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura
(Islamic Religious Council Of Singapore)

Malaysia Jakim Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia

Indonesia LPPOM-MUI Lembaga Pengkajian Pangan Obat-obatan dan Kosmetika - Majelis Ulama Indonesia http://www.halalmui.org/

Brunei Brunei Halal Brand Development Division Brunei Halal Brand Development Division, Department Of Agriculture,
Ministry Of Industry And Primary Resources

Besides the above list, other countries also have their own Halal Certification Authorities
that are officially sanctioned by their respective national Islamic Body/Authorities
and these may also be recognised by us.
We reserve the right to reject any application where we are not 100% doubt-free.
Fraud/cheating cases will be blacklisted and will be reported to the police authorities.

Other than the above Halal Certification Authorities, all other 'third-party produced halal certificates'
or 'self-produced halal certificates' or self-proclaim/self-declare halal statements
are not valid
and are not recognised.  

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